Your organisation has in it today all the ideas needed to transform it into a story of radical success. This is the spark of innovation. However, many organizations lack the fertile ground in which to nurture, develop, and implement these ideas. The degree, to which an organisation innovates, directly correlates to how successful it will be.

Traditionally innovation has been limited to products. However, in today’s highly competitive economic environment, innovation must expand to all parts and processes in an organization’s Value Chain in order to drive dynamic, relevant and sustained growth.

When organizations know how to manage innovation, they are better able to harvest the benefits of their ideas faster for maximum returns.

This programme will help your organisation achieve better understanding and deploy the power of innovation.

Learning Objectives

Participants will better understand:

1.The strategic context in which innovation should take place
2.The role of innovation in the organisation
3.The concept of innovation
4.The different tools and how to use them and
5.How to make innovation part of the organisational (culture)


The consultants use a combination of lectures, exercises, individual and group exercises, and discussions in running this programme.


Middle and Senior Manager responsible for Value Creation in public, private, and voluntary sector organisation