Retirement is something we shall all have to cope with ‘tomorrow.’  Every day, we put in a lot of effort and plan for the present and near future in order to meet the pressing needs of life. After more than 30-40 years of employment, one should be able to support one’s lifestyle without becoming a burden to one’s family or society.  However, demanding jobs and hectic lifestyles cause us to lose sight of one important aspect of life: retirement planning.  Employees are frequently confronted with this fact after it is too late to take actions to ensure a decent life after employment.

Learning Objectives

The overall goal of this program is to provide participants with the necessary planning tools so that they may confidently face the future. They will be led through essential subjects such as:

  • what they need to know about retirement.
  • defining their current situation in terms of future planning.
  • formulating their future plans; and
  • discuss practical execution options.

The Program is tailored to address among others the “hard” and “soft” aspects of retirement preparation such as:

  • Financial and economic safeguards which are a part of the “hard” components, and
  • Family and Social well-being as part of the “soft” aspects.

Each participant will be able to identify their specific goals and develop a realistic strategy to manage their lifestyle after retirement at the end of the discussions.


Ishmael Yamson & Associates will bring together a group of experts and facilitators who are experts in their fields and have extensive and practical experience with retirement planning in general and specifically to share time-tested principles and advice with participants. To distill and assist participants implement their learnings, the program will combine plenary discussions on the fundamentals of retirement planning, presentations, case studies, and group work.

Who Should Attend?

The programme provides nuanced content for newly recruited employees as well as employees who have between 15, 10, 5 years and 1 year to retire.


The 3-day programme costs GH¢135,000 for up to ninety persons (90) and GH¢1,200 for every other person after the minimum of ninety people.

The Team of Facilitators and Presenters

The team of Presenters and Facilitators will be led by 2 Senior Consultants from Ishmael Yamson & Associates and six (6) external Associates who will provide advice on the financial, personal well-being and social dimensions in preparing for retirement as follows: –

  • A Pensions Expert
  • HR Consultant
  • A Legal Practitioner
  • Fund Management/Investment Consultant
  • A Medical Officer/Nutritionist
  • A Management Consultant
  • Social / Family Life Consultant

Similar programs

Ishmael Yamson & Associates has collaborated with experts to run retirement planning programmes to help employees in reputable companies both in the private and public sectors to provide the employees at all levels with the opportunity to plan effectively for retirement. The outcomes have been tremendously positive and deeply acknowledged and appreciated by both the companies and their employees. The companies include, but not limited to:

  • Donwell Insurance
  • GRIDCo
  • Institute of Industrial Research
  • SIC
  • Bank of Ghana (annually)


Should there be a need for any further clarification our CEO, Michael Harry Yamson will be ready to assist. He can be contacted on  0202018141 or 0247665283 or by