As the environment in which organisations operate evolve, the internal dynamics required to inspire people for higher productivity and outstanding performances also become fluid. The opportunity for organisations is to consistently develop and retain a group of leaders who understand the core principles of how to lead and manage their people in a manner that is aligned to the vision and strategy of the organisation, and motivates them to deliver.

When leaders are installed into positions in the organisation they also need to be constantly exposed to the tools and models that will help them the deal with organisational issues like:

1. Operating environment that is constantly changing,
2. Growing and expanding operations and activities,
3. The need for diverse skills and competences to manage the dynamics of “today” and “tomorrow’s” Organisation,
4. Increasing competition to attract and retain the best people, and
5. The developing and evolving needs of the people in the Organisation.

Learning Objectives

The People Management Programme seeks to give managers in organisations the basic tools required to make the effective. It will help participants;

1. Development an appreciation for the elements and dynamics of people management,
2. Understand the use of current people management models and tools for organisational effectiveness and efficiency,
3. Know the links between people management and Performance Management,
4. Focus on the dynamics of Team formation and team building, and


The programme uses presentations, models and tools, case studies and plenary discussions.


This programme is designed for managers at different levels in the organisation who are responsible for the implementation of strategy through people.