When organisations and businesses clearly define and articulate their vision and strategies, the potential obstacles to the achievement of the strategies are the way they are set up to work” and “how they actually work”.

It is important to review the systems and processes to build an organisation that is well aligned to the delivery of strategy, and that is agile and adaptable to the current and future needs of the organisation to drive efficiency, growth, and productivity. In some organisations, this will require a complete 'Greenfield' exercise to design a new structure, systems, and processes aligned to the delivery of strategy.


Learning Objectives

  • Align the processes and systems of the organisation to its strategic objectives;
  • Build efficiency into these processes and systems;
  • Align the company structure to drive the generation of value for the organisation;
  • Use your structure, processes, and systems as strategic tools to drive growth.



This two (2) day program combines pre-program preparations by participants, presentations and plenary discussions using tools and models for conducting process and system reviews and organisational realignment.


Who Should Attend?

This program is for managers in organisations who are responsible for business continuity and the development and execution of supporting HR strategies.


Program Fee

Tuition for the program is GHS 3,500.00 per person, which include all meals and snacks, course materials and experimental activities.

Phone:  0247665283