As stated by Albert Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved using the same level of thinking that created them.”

The world around us is changing rapidly, both in our organizations and in our communities, necessitating outstanding, innovative thinking and a logical, comprehensive approach to problems solving by of leaders and managers. Complex problems cannot be solved using standard problem-solving techniques. Complex Problem solving (CPS) requires additional capabilities and skills, such as the ability to think laterally (indirectly), research, analyse, and evaluate information in order to produce relevant solutions. Therefore, in order for organizations and communities to perform effectively and achieve their goals, it necessary to stimulate and develop the problem solving capacity of its members.

Learning Objectives

The workshop will:

  1. Provide complete overview of the creative problem-solving process and its relevance to modern managers, both in the private and public sectors;
  2. Introduce ideas, skills and techniques such as Root Cause Analysis, Issue Trees, Fishbone (Ishakawa in Japanese insights). Other analysis techniques such as Functional Decomposition, Investment Logic Disaggregation, Weighted Factor Analysis and Decision Tree for Social Issues will also be discussed;
  3. Help participants understand how creative and logical thinking can aid in problem solving and how to apply different other techniques such ‘5 WHYS’ and ‘5S’ analytical models;
  4. Facilitate teams to shift attention from ‘nice-to-knows’ to ‘need-to-knows’ and to focus on the critical core issues that lead to appropriate solutions.

After this 2-day training, participants will learn and understand how:

  1. Problem solving improves organisational performance and results
  2. Problem solving skills create preventive organisational culture
  3. Problem solving skills aids the individual participant career and growth.


The programme topics will be illustrated with case studies and interactive team exercises.

Who Should Attend?

The programme is designed for Senior Executive leaders who are key to strategy definition and implementation in an organisation.


The cost per participants for the two-day event is GH¢10,000 excluding taxes and levies.

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