quakingly Annual General Meetings are designed for companies to inform the owners of the business (the shareholders) of the state of their company. In many organizations this meeting is seen as a burden and a time of confrontation. In some cases the meeting is actually run like a board meeting. Annual General Meetings can actually be used to enhance the Company’s image and attract potential investors when they are run well.

Learning Objectives

The participants of this will:

  1. be exposed to the step-by-step approach to planning for an Annual General Meeting;
    2. understand the legal requirements for the Meeting;
    3. be exposed to the elements of organizing a good Annual General Meeting;
    4. understand the corporate governance principles that should govern the holding of annual general meetings;
    5. appreciate the role of the Board and its Chairman in Annual General Meetings;
    6. appreciate the role and expectations of Shareholders at Annual General Meetings;
    7. appreciate the need for monitoring and evaluation.


This programme will be run with a series of plenary and syndicate discussions with case studies that will help participants understand the process of preparing for and running the Annual General Meeting.


This programme is an important one for both executive and non-executive board members.