Many companies demand loyalty from their customers. They complain when their customers switch to new brands or choose to do business with their competitors. They often blame what they see as disloyalty to the fickle-mindedness of their customers. Oftentimes companies blame price as the main cause of customers switching allegiance.

Many organisations fall into the same trap when their employees leave their employment. They leave because they have either received offers they could not resist or they are the disgruntled and difficult to please employees.

Companies and organisations never pause to find out whether they have been loyal or disloyal to their customers and employees.

The new thinking today is that loyalty to your customers and employees is the only way to generate loyalty from them.

Learning Objectives

This programme is designed to help participants to:
1. Define the principles that should govern customer relationships;
2. Identify the key governance issues;
3. Identify the roles companies and organisations should play in delivering the promises they make to their customers;
4. Examine their capacity to deliver the promises they make to their customers;
5. Understand how to involve customers in developing strategies and plans;
6. Define clearly the role they expect customers to play in the relationship;
7. Validate the rewards that should accrue to both parties and how equitable they are.


The Programme uses lectures, case studies, and syndicate discussions to develop understanding of the key issues.


Core and extended leadership of companies and public institutions as well as functional and departmental heads.