Leadership is critical for the success of every business and
it is even more so now than ever before. In the past decade or so we have been
in the midst of a global economic revolution that driven by three dominating

Globalization and the adoption of all continents of
liberalized market economies

The associated accelerated opening up of developed and
developing economies to trade, capital and knowledge flows, and

The startling technological revolution most apparent in
digital electronics and in genetics and biotechnology,

The three presented a time of great opportunities as well as
threats for companies and organisations. Only those, which have the right
leadership with the right skills and profiles at all levels of the
organization, can ensure sustainable growth and profitability through the
decisions they take.

In recent past, these factors overlaid by a global
recession, are further redefining the way businesses, and organization will
survive and compete.

Learning Objectives

Foundations of leadership will help participants to;

  • Identify the potential leaders
  • Define a clear strategy – both organisational and personal
  • Focus on transformational and growth leadership qualities
  • Develop values and behaviours that build, and
  • Raise the awareness, understanding, and effectiveness of leaders to the qualities of decisiveness, committing to stewarding decisions, and being accountable for the business impact of the decisions they make.


It uses presentations, and strategy gaming to equip and hone the leadership skills that will define tomorrow’s winners who will not only save and generate million/billions through the leadership decisions they make but also create the foundations of an enduring company.


Foundations of Leadership is designed for managers and employees with departmental responsibilities who have been in their jobs for up to 3 years.

Foundations of leadership can be arranged specifically for your Company but there is also the opportunity for your employees to join potential leaders from other organizations to enrich their horizon.