It is not enough to have very highly skilled individuals in any organisation, it is even more important that the individuals learn to work in teams and apply their hearts to what they do. In every organisation the output of the whole team should be much greater than the sum of the individual outputs put together.

Research shows that teams go through a cycle of forming, storming, norming and performing. Companies need to understand and respond to these cycles. Apart from the “hard” targets like turnover, profit, productivity and so on teams also bond into high performing teams on “soft” issues such as honesty, transparency, trust and support for each other.

Effective teams have been identified as a core factor to organizational success.

Learning Objectives

This Module will help team members;

  1. Surrender individual interests to the common interest; build a sense of interdependency i.e. Build a convergence of the “I” of the individual to that of the “Team” aspirations.
    2. To use the team aspirations to drive individual aspirations.
    3. To use targeting and reward systems to drive team behaviour.
    4. To use the team platform to drive high performance in the company’s aspirations.
    5. To understand team dynamics.
    6. Identify their individual strengths and contribution to the team
    7. Contribute collectively to define what their team/leadership behaviours will be to achieve common goals.
    8. Engage with hearts to deliver the team objectives.


This program is designed to help individuals in your team to reflect on themselves and their roles in the team. It is also a feedback period from other team members on what works and what does not work. The programme is based on individual and team exercises designed to identify and enhance leadership and team qualities.


The extended leadership team of the organisation. This includes Top Managers, Functional Heads and Middle Managers.