In the liberalized global economy, change has become the only constant in the business environment. The competitive advantages that have been driving the performance of companies are being lost in shorter time frame than ever before. Strategies are beginning to decay faster and companies are struggling to deliver performance that meets the expectations of their stakeholders. Sometimes their very existence is threatened.

It is important that companies pursue strategies that continuously raise the bar to competition and allow them to sustain and improve market shares in order to deliver strong growth and profitability. It is a journey that has to be embarked upon regularly even if you feel you are ahead of competition.

Learning Objectives

Creating Breakthrough Strategy will help you;

  1. Evaluate the changing patterns in your environment,
  2. Bring understating to shifts in consumer and customer needs and expectations, and
  3. Enable the team to develop strategies that allow the company to ‘snatch’ leadership from the competition.

In doing this the programme will deploy team–building and team dynamics to build common understanding, develop shared vision, strategies and plans to create commitment to implementation excellence.


This is an offsite programme. It is exciting but challenging. It requires transparency and trust. It is designed to meet specific company needs.


Management at all levels. It is preferred that there is a mix of management from all levels of the organization.