The evidence in many businesses and organisations show that sometimes managers and supervisors do not fully appreciate how businesses work. There is a lack of understanding of why businesses are set up what all stakeholders are responsible for and should expect

This lack of appreciation sometimes causes conflict between stakeholders, especially shareholders, directors, managers and staff. Many times this conflicts results in entrenched positions instead of converging effort to create value for all.

Learning Objectives

The Business Appreciation programme is designed to help participants to:

  1. Understand the concept of “Business”
  2. Understand the link between economic factors and the Performance of Businesses
  3. Understand the Key Performance Indicators of Businesses
  4. Understand the roles, responsibilities and expectations of stakeholders


This is a mixture of plenary presentations/discussions, syndicate work/case studies and the application of practical modern day experiences and examples from the world of business


The programme is designed for all managers and supervisors in the organisation who are responsible for developing and implementing strategy.