To assure sustainable, outstanding performance, companies and organisations need to nurture and sustain a cadre of leaders that can act as a bridge between non-managerial employees and middle and senior management teams.

To succeed in creating this requires that these leaders develop the right balance of skills and competencies to translate and share corporate vision and strategies, create and sustain high performance teams in which people trust each other, and constantly stimulate the core engines of productivity and growth.

The Advanced Leadership and Supervisory Skills programme brings these leaders (and their teams) together as part of an effective, focused work team, dedicated to achieving a larger corporate mission.

Learning Objectives

The Advanced Leadership and Supervisory Skills programme will help:

  1. Challenge existing norms, beliefs, and ways of doing things
  2. Crystallize the organization’s vision, mission, strategies, and plans
  3. Build commitment to the delivery of the strategies and plans
  4. Provide guidelines for monitoring and evaluation
  5. It will also bond leaders together and challenge them to outstanding, sustained performance


The Programme uses models, case studies, current examples/trends, and syndicate discussions to develop understanding of the key elements of succession planning.


This programme is for managers in organisations who are responsible for business continuity and the development and execution of supporting HR strategies.