Given the varied and complex challenges that confront businesses in today’s economy, succession planning should be rising up the corporate agenda. Effective succession planning to secure business continuity and growth, and deliver tailored, pro-active career development for an organisation’s most talented individuals should be at the core of thought for business leaders.

Eventually, today’s leaders will move on. Who are the candidates from your talent pool that could become the next group leaders across the organisation? Are you tracking anyone that shows promise and wants to move up? Is there a formal plan in place to prepare candidates for more responsibilities?

Though having a succession plan in place is vital for ensuring the organisation has available, the right individuals to remain relevant, tackle future challenges, and stay a step ahead of competitors; many organisations don't find the time to start Succession Planning until it's too late!

Learning Objectives

Participants will have a clearer understanding and appreciation of:

  1. Succession planning in the context corporate Vision, Mission and Strategy
  2. The core principles and the elements of succession planning
  3. The Human Resource implications of a Growth Agenda
  4. Frameworks to help participants identify and develop the next generation leaders
  5. Tools to carry out gap analysis on skills and competencies of potential leaders


The Programme uses models, case studies, current examples/trends, and syndicate discussions to develop understanding of the key elements of succession planning.


This programme is for managers in organisations who are responsible for business continuity and the development and execution of supporting HR strategies.