is it illegal to buy clomid online In a competitive environment, companies and countries are constantly under threat of losing their competitive advantage. With the competition, both new and old, constantly at the gate attacking the architecture that created the current competitive advantage, companies and countries must seek to unpack the declining business models and replace them with strategic innovation that will not only optimize existing strengths but also change the rules of the game. Decaying strategies must give way to new strategic agenda which create a staircase of new and unique capabilities, competencies and skills to drive outstanding performance.

get modafinil prescription online It requires companies and countries to liberate their minds to the dynamics of the environment, to imagine the future and having imagined it, to create it.

In businesses as in countries, what distinguishes leaders from laggards, and greatness from mediocrity is the ability to uniquely create an opportunity and take a bigger share of it on a sustainable basis.

Learning Objectives

The Market Leadership in a Competitive Environment programme will help managers of companies and countries and parastatal organisations to:

  1. Understand the imperatives of globalisation and the ‘flatness’ of the world in which we operate;
  2. Understand that in this boundariless world, there are no permanent leaders and permanent followers; winning and losing are strategic choices;
  3. Understand that strategies can decay and will require renewal, innovation and replacement;
  4. Appreciate that the future can never be a given unless it is created today;
  5. To succeed requires not only being better but being different;
  6. Understand that the challenge is not just for the CEO but for everybody in the organisation.

Framework / Methodology

There will be 3 modules:
1. Unwinding today’s strategies, plans and execution of plans,
2. Creating the future growth pillars,
3. Sustaining leadership – building continuous gateways to the future.


Board of Directors and key government and parastatal officials, Extended leadership and Frontline officers.