Summary The world has changed drastically and it is going through the worst recession since World War II. Companies and countries expect some economic slowdown in 2009. They are facing the risk of failure with the serious consequences of negative growth and profitability as well as trade flows, unemployment and social instability. Yet the depth of this crisis is unknown.

tenfold These have grave implications for Ghana’s corporate and public sector organizations and institutions. The global downturn and the fiscal crisis in the country have fed into an unstable macro economy (high inflation and interest rates and Cedi depreciation).

Managing businesses and organizations in the midst of adverse internal and external conditions can be daunting. It requires new approaches, new strategies, and new tools to not only to survive but to grow and become even more prosperous.

It is a fact that in a period of crisis opportunities abound. This programme will not only help organisations to take control over the crisis from the dual challenge but will also help develop the new strategies, tools, and business-like orientations to stay ahead and to take advantage of the hidden opportunities.

Learning Objectives

This programme will give participants:

  1. A deeper understanding of challenges facing businesses and organizations
  2. A set of tools to develop the right kind of strategic responses to these challenges
  3. The confidence to make the right kind of decisions that will secure growth and prosperity


There will be practical approach to environmental analyses and will cover a broad spectrum of topics. The programme can be designed for specific companies or groups for managers from different businesses.


The design of this programme will help Board members and Senior Managers responsible for the development and implementation of strategy.