Companies are established to create value for their stakeholders on a sustainable basis. To do this there must to be a clear understanding of what value is to be created, what needs to be done to create the value and how it is going to be measured. The performance of an organization and the way the organization is aligned to its goals will determine how successful that company or organisation will be.

The challenge for many companies is to develop a framework that can help them drive sustainable strong performance.

Learning Objectives

The Performance Management will help you to:

  1. Understand the nature of business and the elements that drive performance;
    2. Understand the link between company strategy and performance management;
    3. Acquire the tools that will assist participants to develop a performance management framework;
    4. Acquire the tools that will assist participants to set targets for performance measurements and for monitoring and evaluation;
    5. Understand the interdependency of individuals, teams and functions to deliver company targets.


This programme is highly interactive in both plenary and syndicate sessions. It uses Presentations and Case Studies to help participants to use the various tools for the development and implementation of a Performance Management Framework.


The performance management programme is designed for Managers who have responsibility to develop and implement company Strategies and plans.