Ghana is now part of a globalized world economy, characterized by a fast pace of change and fierce competition. Countries and organisations all over the world operate in a boundariless world market. No attempts by countries to erect economic barriers directly or indirectly have succeeded in protecting their economies and companies from the harsh realities of global competition. To succeed in this flat world and become a significant player, countries and companies must aggressively create:

(i) High quality human resource endowment able to take on the challenge of world class competition;
(ii) Liberate their people to perform at high levels of efficiency and productivity;
(iii) Develop organisational behaviours and values that drive high performance.

It is the convergence of these three planks – people, ideas and values that create great economies and great companies.

Learning Objectives

The programme will:
1. Define the global landscape;
2. Identify the globalization imperatives;
3. Highlight the opportunities and risks;
4. Contextualize human resource endowment, its application and the key role of behaviours and values;
5. The programme will also help companies and organisations to plan to cerate the human resource endowment, optimize its use and build the supporting behaviours and values.


It uses lectures, case studies, syndicate work and interactive discussions. It demands openness and candour on the part of participants.


All levels of management, Board of Directors and key stakeholders. It can be arranged as a company – specific programme but it will also be available as a general programme