Making Your Organisation Entrepreneurial

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In May 2017, Ishmael Yamson & Associates run the fourth edition of its annual Business Roundtable Conference with the theme MAKING GHANA ENTREPRENEURIAL. The objectives of the conference included:

i. Sharing commitment to make Ghana entrepreneurial, clearly defining what is required to achieve that; and identifying the factors that will make Ghanaian businesses competitive

ii. Providing a platform for executives, senior managers and policy makers to discuss how Ghana can entrepreneurially exploit its opportunities to drive our national and enterprise level growth and prosperity; and

iii. Stimulating interactions that will enable participants to explore novel approaches to deliver strong and sustainable performance, drawing on examples from various entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Beyond the conference, Ishmael Yamson & Associates has created a network within which the conversations and actions required to make Ghana Entrepreneurial will cascade into private and public sector organisations and be embedded as a cultural and attitudinal paradigm. For this reason, Ishmael Yamson & Associates has designed a workshop - “MAKING YOUR ORGANISATION ENTREPRENEURIAL”, to enable organisations uniquely create and unleash an entrepreneurial spirit that will positively transform them.


Leaders in organizations are constantly looking for ways to inspire their people to deliver outstanding performances by being consistently proactive and innovative. This means the leadership must find ways to create and unleash an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the organization. This will empower individuals to approach their roles and responsibilities with a mind-set to deliver the greatest value for all stakeholders.

At Ishmael Yamson & Associates we believe that being entrepreneurial is the expression of Ideas grounded in a set of Values that drive an Attitude and is demonstrated in our day-to-day Behavior.

We believe that;

  • Values should include a passion for doing the right things well and placing the strategic goals of the organization first;
  • organisations should have an Attitude of willingness to change and develop the agility to respond to the constantly evolving environment, and
  • behaviour should demonstrate a desire to learn and improve, and work in collaboration with other stakeholders towards a common goal.

The framework of this workshop is based on these four pillars.


It will be a highly interactive programme based on case studies and proven models that will arm participants to create and unleash an Entrepreneurial spirit in their organizations. 

Each participant will receive an electronic copy of all the presentations, worksheets and action plans in addition to the 2017 Business Roundtable content as reference material.

Objectives of the Programme

Making your organization Entrepreneurial is a process and the workshop will equip participants with tools that will help them achieve a better:

  • Understanding of BEING ENTREPRENEURIAL;
  • Appreciation of the entrepreneurial pillars and how they work together;
  • Recognition of the levers that can create the Entrepreneurial spirit in the organization; and
  • Framework and set of key actions that will embed the Entrepreneurial attitude


The workshop is relevant for Managers at all levels in the organization. Specifically, it is designed for the Managers in the organization who are the champions of change and are at the forefront of implementation of the transformation actions.

Programme Duration

This is a 2-Day off-site programme

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