Being A Standout Leader

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History and corporate lore are replete with examples of leaders who change the course of people, destiny, and history itself.  As disparate as the leaders, the circumstances of their contributions and the impact they made are, a common twine that is woven through the stories of these exemplary people.  Let us begin with some of the key elements that combine to make a Standout Leader:

a- The values and ethics of Standout Leaders

b- The skills and…



Making Your Organisation Entrepreneurial

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In May 2017, Ishmael Yamson & Associates run the fourth edition of its annual Business Roundtable Conference with the theme MAKING GHANA ENTREPRENEURIAL. The objectives of the conference included:

i. Sharing commitment to make Ghana entrepreneurial, clearly defining what is required to achieve that; and identifying the factors that will make Ghanaian businesses competitive

ii. Providing a platform for executives, senior managers and policy makers to discuss how Ghana…



Ishmael Yamson & Associates Business Roundtable 2017

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The objectives of the Ishmael Yamson & Associates Business Roundtable are to:

a. provide a platform for executives, senior managers and policy makers to discuss and create an understanding of the current and emerging issues facing the economy of Ghana and businesses operating in the country; and

b. identify potential opportunities that can be exploited to drive our national and enterprise level growth and prosperity.

The Roundtable interactions will enable participants to explore novel approaches to deliver strong…