THE YOUNG EXECUTIVES BUSINESS BREAKFAST MEETING: The Power and Potential of Partnerships in Ghana

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The Ishmael Yamson & Associates Young Executives Business Breakfast Meeting is a quarterly event designed to bring the country’s current and future business executives together to have a dialogue on real-time business issues, challenges and opportunities. 

Our vision is to bring together leaders who can build and sustain networks within and across sectors, and trade value chains to deliver growth, job, innovation, productivity, and competitiveness over the long term. 

Most importantly, these networks should set and achieve benchmarks to make Ghana the leading market in selected business sectors and aspects of sub-regional trade. 

The events are expected to:
• Build a network of young business executive that can serve as a platform for continuous business-related discourse;
• Share experiences and learn from the experiences of others in business;
• Develop Partnerships in the network that will help drive businesses to optimum value delivery;
• Agree common actions on specific business issues for engagement with Policy Makers and Civil Society.


Introduction: Partnerships in any endeavor is a strategic imperative and this is no different in business. The history of the world of business has many examples of partnerships and the roles they have played in achieving mutual goals and objectives that may otherwise would not have been realized. However, not all business partnerships have been successful nor delivered the desired outcomes.

There is broad consensus on the value of partnerships and many young executives appreciate the fact that entering into partnerships is an important lever for creating and sustaining a successful business. The need is to start the conversation on ‘why I need partnerships’ right through to ‘how to identify and secure the right partnerships.’ 

The Breakfast Dialogue: Business environments are usually fluid and complex, and the creation of intricate value chains require a clear understanding of how partnerships work. Though many young executives are eager to enter into partnerships, there are some questions on their minds.

• When is the best time to enter into partnerships
• What pitfalls should one look for in partnerships
• Who are the best partners
• What are the legal and business implications in the medium to long term
• How to tell if the partnership will be successful

The Ishmael Yamson & Associates Young Executive Business Breakfast Meeting will have a dialogue to create a better and deeper understanding of the roles of Partnerships and how their power and potential can be released to drive optimum value creation.

The Expected Outcomes: The breakfast meeting is designed to help the participating young executives to:
• Understand better the roles and potentials of Partnerships;
• Appreciating the “Dos and Don’ts” of Partnerships
• Share experiences on Partnerships and learn from the experiences of others;
• Develop personal roadmaps for setting up and securing the appropriate Partnerships
• Establish a network with other young executives for further dialogue on common business issues

Participants: The Breakfast Meeting is designed for young executives and entrepreneurs who have an ambition to sustainably build wealth, help transform the economy of Ghana and establish a legacy.

Date, Time and Venue: The first edition of the Breakfast meeting is 28 March 2018 from 8.30am to 10.30am. The Venue is the Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra.

Cost: GH¢100.00 per participant.

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