Simplification of Work Processes & Procedures

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Our aim is to create an environment where you can have an enjoyable time and learn as an active participant. 


- Understand the concept of Work Processes and Procedures and the principles that underpin them;
- Understand the impact of Processes and Procedures on Organisational Effectiveness and Efficiency;
- Understand the interdependency of individuals, teams and functions in the Processes and Procedures of the organisation;
- Develop the ability to carry out Processes and Procedures review;
- Acquire tools and skills that will assist participants to review the organisation’s processes and procedures

The layout for the 2-Day Training Programme Include:

• The context and Business need for Processes and Procedures
• The Principles and Elements of Processes and Procedure reviews
• Allowing for Organisational Change
• Designing and Developing Procedures
• Purpose and Content of Procedure Documents
• Analysing and Simplifying Procedures
• Developing a Plan to Implement
• Documentation lifecycle and Review Points

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