Corporate Strategy Development

Our Philosophy

Ishmael Yamson and Associates has a unique and systematic approach to the development a Corporate Strategy. This approach gives opportunity for leaders in the businesses or organizations to collectively contribute to the definition of a common “future” in an open and transparent environment. It helps our clients to develop, articulate, and validate a strategic framework that covers their Vision and Mission, their medium to long term Strategic Imperatives and the expected Strategic Outcomes. The Corporate Strategy provides the context in whicha business or organization’s priorities, allocation of resource and trade-offs can be agreed, and we apply our combined deep and longstanding experiences to develop the appropriate strategic responses for our clients.

At Ishmael Yamson & Associates we believe that a strategy is as good as its execution and so the scope of any strategy development should include how it is “translated-into-action”. We understand the implementation can easily stall if it is not single-minded and the ownership of key actions, the deliverables, and timings are not clear.

The expectation is that when we help clients develop and articulate their corporate strategythey will be clear on the milestone for outstanding delivery.