Not many organizations and businesses recognize that change is inevitable in our constantly changing environment. In a great number of situations change is imposed on companies and organisations. Ideally change ought to be initiated by organizations and businesses to secure the future which in turn gives them the right to market leadership and growth.

Many organizations also go through change processes only to arrive at where they were when they begun. Managing change does not only mean putting a change plan on the table but it also involves making the key decisions that serve as catalyst to achieve the desired changes. It requires commitment to the execution of the planned changes.

Leaders need to accept the inevitability of change, understand the obstacles associated with change and the hard decisions that are required to make the necessary turn-around happen. Companies only have two choices – to change or die.

Learning Objectives

This Module will help you:

1.Define the “why” for the change and set clear objectives for the Change;
2.Understand the nature of the change and anticipate when and how the obstacles to change occur;
3.Manage the change process and monitor the desired outcomes;
4.Identify what will motivate employees for sustained commitment to the change programmes;
5.Define the process for review and evaluation;
6.Produce a scorecard with milestones to facilitate the evaluation process.


A combination of case studies and interactive discussions in teams.


This programme is designed for top Managers, extended leadership teams involved in the transformation process of the company.