Chief Executive of DVLA

Mr. Kwasi Agyeman Busia has over 22 years of hands on experience in Business and Technology development, Strategic Planning, Project and People management.  Mr. Busia leverages his unique multi-disciplinary skills to deliver collaborative teams and information supply chain that enables performance driven organizations in the public, academic and private sectors.    Until his appointment as Chief Executive of DVLA, Mr. Busia was the Information Services Manager of Tullow Ghana Ltd.  –Mr. Busia has also worked   as a Program  Manager  and  as  an Informatics  Director for the Centers of  Disease Control (CDC)  tackling enterprise wide projects  such as the  3.5 billion dollars vaccine ordering, forecasting, distribution and tracking application which  covers all States and territories of the United States of America.  From 1999-2002, Mr. Busia was the lead person responsible for multi-million-dollar business development of multiple web applications for 8 divisions within CDC and deployed over 22 applications within a year spanning disease prevention, disease monitoring and disease outbreak containment. 

His leadership and Technological initiatives were primarily responsible for the containment of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Monkey pox outbreaks in the informatics arena for the CDC 2002-2003. For 17 years, he pioneered the development of a variety of performance driven and strategic applications coordinating initiatives for the CDC including projects that collaborated with the World Health Organization, the international Organization for Migration to ensure data collection, data analysis and information dissemination.

Earlier in his career, he worked as project leader at the Bank of America in the area of analysis, design and implementation of Derivative Processing for Interest rate Swaps.  

Mr. Busia is a Prempeh College alumnus and obtained his BA degree in English at the University of Ghana, Legon.   In 1989 he obtained his MBA in Information Systems and Economics at the University of Dallas in Dallas Tx. He worked for IBM corporation whiles pursuing his master’s degree as a programmer analyst and in 1991 as a Senior systems analyst for Meridian Oil and Gas exploration company in Fort worth Tx   until  1996 when he  joined the CDC.

36 months ago, he took over as Chief Executive of DVLA. He has worked tirelessly with management to craft a strategic plan with customer service excellence as its centerpiece, and the leveraging of People Process and Technology as the tenets to archiving the Authority’s core mandate and, financial autonomy and sustainability.

His accomplishments at the DVLA include but not limited to the following:

  1. The leveraging of technology in the coordination and streamlining of the process to ensure the ability to provide Prestige, Premium and Regular’ Service for driver license delivery within 30 minutes, 2 weeks and a Month respectively.
  2. He Managed the logistics for the deployment of Digitized Vehicle Registration digitized system, this innovation has all vehicles registered in the country since 1995 successfully digitized.
  3. Implemented a New Roadworthiness Certificate Regimen to replace a hitherto severely compromised version.
  4. Successfully drafted and implemented a two-year business plan for the Authority (2018-2019) with the focus of achieving financial independence and sustainability of the Authority
  5. Coordinated the installation of a modern customer service call center.
  6. Revamped and repositioned the management of manufacturing, embossing and the securitization of vehicle license plates.
  7. Managed the Establishment of an HR department, which assesses and delineates employee Job Roles, Job descriptions and ensures Performance Matrices with KPIs derived from Vison and related objectives.
  8. Re-energized the compliance and enforcement unit which collaborates with MTTD of the Ghana Police Service to check road users for compliance.
  9. He has ensured the leveraging of DATA and its use for innovation, and Service Improvement and Policy enactment, forging collaboration with other government entities, such as National Security, The MTTD, NPA etc.

 He is said to have an uncanny ability to build high octane teams who deliver on projects and establish processes to reduce redundant efforts and expenditures. He is innovative, deliberative, genuine and critical and he  is a hybrid of a Technocrat, a Manager and a Strategic planner. He constantly seeks the synergy which unifies People, Process and Technology. He’s affectionately called the “Managers manager”. He is married with 3 children. Hobbies include reading and listening to music and is passionate about public policy which protects the well-being of people.

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