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Making Ghana Entrepreneurial – The Time is Now

2017 • 20th Mar, 17 • 0 Comments


The journey to the 60th Anniversary of Ghana’s Independence has been full of painful disappointments. A flirtation with Socialism dimmed individual dreams, hopes and aspirations and created an inefficient state-dominated economy. A long period of military dictatorships, interspersed with short periods of democratic civilian administrations, disrupted the country’s attempts to build the economic and social infrastructure and the human capacity to create the foundations for sustainable growth, wealth creation and prosperity. But perhaps what has been most regrettable is the persistently poor quality of economic management, the emergence of deep and pervasive corruption with impunity, and crass indiscipline which regrettably now appears to have become part of our DNA.

All these together have consistently destroyed value and made Ghana once again a highly poor and indebted country, at a time when the world no longer offers HIPC relief to poorly managed and distressed economies. Our country no longer has the luxury of time and the largesse of the international community to reverse this despicable state of affairs. That is why the two inspirational visionary themes underpinning the 2017 Budget Statement, i.e. “Ghana Beyond Aid” and “Making Ghana Entrepreneurial”, are significant and timely.

Entrepreneurs create value, they create wealth, they create prosperity, they pursue values that build and they think long term. So it is right for us to aspire in the long term to create a Ghana that does not rely on international aid from bilateral and multi-lateral agencies, neither should we yoke ourselves with unsustainable debts.

To do so will require a different kind of leadership; leadership that has self-confident integrity, is honest and transparent, leadership that is visionary, courageous, creates value and is strong in its conviction to stand for what is right and reject and condemn what is wrong. “A time like this demands strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready heads; Men whom the lust of office does not kill; Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy; Men who possess opinion and a will; Men who love honour, men who cannot lie.”(J.G. Holland, an American author and poet).

Ghana has lost six decades of development and it is time for us to chart a new course; a new shared course which should create widespread prosperity for all Ghanaians. Many countries have taken just three decades to become developed; we too can do it and the time is now to start.

So join us at the 4th Annual Ishmael Yamson & Associates Business Round Table on the theme Making Ghana Entrepreneurial, to explore together how Ghana can become prosperous once again. It will be an opportunity to examine how government, policy makers, regulators and the public sector can become entrepreneurial in their approach to the business of Government and how they can, through the creation of a sustained enabling operating environment, effectively facilitate entrepreneurship by the private sector in Ghana. It will also provide the opportunity for the private sector to examine how its operators can become more entrepreneurial, more agile, better able to assess risks and competitively leverage opportunities in the business environment and become less dependent on political patronage.

The Roundtable will help define; 
- a shared commitment to making Ghana entrepreneurial, 
- a clear definition of what is required to achieve that, 
- the roles government, policy-makers and Corporate Ghana must play to aggressively deliver this transformation, and 
- clearly identify the factors that will make Ghanaian businesses competitive in an economy full of uncertainties and persistently declining consumer purchasing power, starved of bank credit and investment funds, short of affordable and reliable energy, and critical modern and competitive infrastructure which are needed to catalyse the growth of the economy and private enterprises.

The event will be held on 31st May 2017 and we are inviting you to be part of this new journey.

Kindly confirm your participation and that of your organisation at the earliest possible time to us at, 0246542642 or 0202018141

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