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Making Ghana Entrepreneurial – The Time is Now

2017 • 20th Mar, 17 • 0 Comments


The journey to the 60th Anniversary of Ghana’s Independence has been full of painful disappointments. A flirtation with Socialism dimmed individual dreams, hopes and aspirations and created an inefficient state-dominated economy. A long period of military dictatorships, interspersed with short periods of democratic civilian administrations, disrupted the country’s attempts to build the economic and social infrastructure and…



THE iZONE STORY: A Thriving Local Enterprise in Our Current Difficult Times

2016 • 1st Mar, 17 • 0 Comments


Good afternoon everyone and thank you for the opportunity to present to you. It is great to be here.

My purpose here is to narrate the “iZone Story”. But, before I do that, let me tell you briefly about iZone and what we do at iZone.