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Hope in the Midst of Crisis

2014 • 10th Apr, 14 • 0 Comments


Over the past two and half decades or so Ghana has suffered inconsistent economic performances with periods of good and commendable up turns followed by periods of weak and lamentable down turns. In the last few years the country’s economy has come under great pressure resulting in spiraling inflation, a sharply depreciating local currencyand a general decline in consumer confidence.

The performances of business have mirrored the volatility in the economy. Businesses are faced with the dual challenge of global competitiveness and local macro-economic instability. Costs are rising, in some cases unpredictably, margins are under pressure, competition from imported substitutes is continuing to increase and consumer disposable income is reducing rapidly. Businesses are finding it difficult to remain viable and profitable. However, attempts to recover cost may render them uncompetitive and price them out of the market.Managing businesses in the midst of such adverse circumstances has become daunting.

But there is hope in the midst of crisis.

The challenge for the immediate future is to focus on the business and operational elements that will allow them to grow profitability even in such an environment. It requires new approaches, new strategies and new tools not only to survive but to grow and become even more prosperous.This programme is designed to give participants the tools to help them build resilient and high growth businesses in the face of such harsh and volatile conditions.


Learning Objectives

In periods that this businesses need to develop the agility to respond appropriately and quickly to continue to deliver value.This programme will help participants to develop new strategies, tools and a new orientation to stay ahead and to take advantage of the inherent opportunities.


Specifically, businesses and organization that participate in this programme will have:

1. Better appreciation of the current macro-economic environment and its impact on the business operating environment

2. Deeper understanding of the issues facing businesses and organisations

3. The ability to secure the short term through greater operational efficiency and effectiveness;

4. A framework to validate current strategies and plans in the context of current issues;

5. A framework to build greater competitiveness to drive growth, expansion and profitability;

6. The tools which will allow for timely interventions in response to the unfolding changes in the business environment and the ability to develop the appropriate business and organizational actions




There are 2 parts to this programme as follows:-


Part I

An evening Plenary Session with Dr Ismael Yamson and a panel of executives to discuss a paper on “Hope in the Midst of Crisis”.


Date: 17th June 2014

Time: 5.30pm


Part II

A 2-Day workshop to work with participants to develop the answers for their particular business issues and build the appropriate strategies and actions for survival and growth.


Date: 18th & 19th June 2014

Time: 8.30am to 4.00pm each day.



This programme is designed for Board Members, Executive, and Middle Managers both in the private and public sectors who are responsible for the development and implementation of strategy.


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